Resend DocuSign Emails

You can use the “modify recipient(s)” request to trigger a re-send of the email notification to specific recipient(s). PUT /accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/recipients?resend_envelope=true Be sure to include the querystring parameter/value resend_envelope=true in the URL (as shown above). For example, if a GET Recipients response shows that an Envelope contains the following recipients: { “signers”: [ { “name”: “Jane … Read more

Can we enable both Embedded and Remote Sign in DocuSign API using c#?

A solution is to specify both a clientUserId and an embeddedRecipientStartURL when creating a Recipient. Specifying a clientUserId causes the recipient to be an “embedded” signer. Specifying an embeddedRecipientStartURL causes the recipient to also receive an official DocuSign email inviting them to sign the documents. The embeddedRecipientStartURL parameter is intended to be a URL that … Read more