Install WebExtensions on Firefox from the command line

Please see: Installing extensions Customizing Firefox: Including extensions with your distribution of Firefox The question you link on askubuntu: How to install Firefox addon from command line in scripts? is several years out of date, but does have some good information. At this point, most Mozilla add-ons, including all Firefox WebExtension add-ons, are installed manually … Read more

Why got Firebug removed after updating Firefox to version 50?

Firebug does not work anymore once multi-process Firefox (separate processes for the Firefox UI and the websites) is enabled. See the related post in the Firebug blog. You may be able to reenable Firebug by setting the preferences browser.tabs.remote.autostart, browser.tabs.remote.autostart.1 and browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2 to false via about:config. Though at some point this preference will be removed. … Read more

firefox proxy settings via command line

The proxy setting is stored in the user’s prefs.js file in their Firefox profile. The path to the Firefox profile directory and the file is: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\7b9ja6xv.default\prefs.js where “7b9ja6xv” is a random string. However, the directory of the default profile always ends in “.default”. Most of the time there will be only one profile anyway. Setting … Read more