Is there a way to get a vector with the name of all functions that one could use in R?

I’d use lsf.str() as a start. eg : x <- as.character(lsf.str(“package:base”)) gives you a list of all functions in the base package. You could do add all packages you want to check against. stats and utils come to mind first. EDIT : Regarding your question about currently loaded packages : x <- unlist(sapply(search()[-1],function(x)as.character(lsf.str(x)))) see comments … Read more

D3 Key Function

I’m also new to d3 and was struggling with the key function. I didn’t find Tristan Reid’s answer illuminating, because it doesn’t really talk much about the key function. Let’s work through an example, first without a key function, and then with. Here’s our initial html before applying javascript. We’ve got two divs, and there … Read more

“Identifier Expected” or “Invalid Prototype” when implementing a scripted constant in Inno Setup

Identifier expected Your code would be correct in a Pascal, but it does not compile in Pascal Script. In Pascal, when you want to assign a return value of a function, you either assign the value to a “variable” with a name of the function or to Result variable. So this is correct: function GetRoot: … Read more