Notepad++ add to every line

Follow these steps: Press Ctrl+H to bring up the Find/Replace Dialog. Choose the Regular expression option near the bottom of the dialog. To add a word, such as test, at the beginning of each line: Type ^ in the Find what textbox Type test in the Replace with textbox Place cursor in the first line … Read more

How do I delete specific lines in Notepad++?

Notepad++ v6.5 Search menu -> Find… -> Mark tab -> Find what: your search text, check Bookmark Line, then Mark All. This will bookmark all the lines with the search term, you’ll see the blue circles in the margin. Then Search menu -> Bookmark -> Remove Bookmarked Lines. This will delete all the bookmarked lines. … Read more

Multiple word search and replace in notepad++

Try a regular expression replace of (good)|(great)|(fine) with (?1bad)(?2worse)(?3not). The search looks for either of three alternatives separated by the |. Each alternative has ist own capture brackets. The replace uses the conditional form ?Ntrue-expression:false-expression where N is decimal digit, the clause checks whether capture expression N matches. Tested in Notepad++ 6.3 Update: You can … Read more

Convert tabs to spaces in Notepad++

To convert existing tabs to spaces, press Edit->Blank Operations->TAB to Space. If in the future you want to enter spaces instead of tab when you press tab key: Go to Settings->Preferences…->Language (since version 7.1) or Settings->Preferences…->Tab Settings (previous versions) Check Replace by space (Optional) You can set the number of spaces to use in place … Read more