Solr Custom Similarity

I figured it out on my own. I have stored my own implementation of DefaultSimilarity under /dist/ folder in solr. Then i add <lib dir=”../../../dist/org/apache/lucene/search/similarities/” regex=”.*\.jar”/> to my solrconfig.xml and everything works fine. package; import org.apache.lucene.index.FieldInvertState; import; public class MyNewSimilarityClass extends DefaultSimilarity { @Override public float coord(int overlap, int maxOverlap) { return 1.0f; … Read more

Solr index vs stored

That is correct. Typically you will want your field to be either indexed or stored or both. If you set both to false, that field will not be available in your Solr docs (either for searching or for displaying). See Alexandre’s answer for the special cases when you will want to set both to false. … Read more