SSIS: script task (vs15) not work when deploy on sql server 2014

This worked for me: Install SSDT-BI for Visual Studio 2013. Open your solution in Visual Studio 2015. Select your SSIS Project in the Solution Explorer. In the Project menu select Properties. In the Property Pages dialog select Configuration Properties -> General Under Deployment Target Version change the Target Server Version to “SQL Server 2014.” Clean … Read more

SSIS 2012 – Insert new rows, ignore existing rows

Between your source and destination component, add a Lookup Component. Configure the Lookup to Redirect to No Match Output for unmatched rows. In your lookup source, write a query like SELECT T.PK1, T.PK2 FROM dbo.MyTable T where you only pull back the primary keys and then compare you input data to the target table’s. What … Read more

How to replace double quotes in derived column transformation?

I think you have almost got the expression correct except for the additional slash in the replacement string. Here are the expressions that might work for you. Expression #1: Removes all double quotes within a given string. REPLACE(COLA, “\””, “”) Expression #2: Replaces all double occurrences of double quotes with single occurrence of double quotes. … Read more

2 Data Flow Tasks Linking to one Execute SQL Task

By default, two tasks are constrained by the Constraint of Success. That is, the first thing must generate a success value before the second thing will get the signal to start. You have a binary set of Data Flow Tasks feeding into a single Execute SQL Task. The Execute SQL Task is waiting for both … Read more

SSIS Package Not Running as 32bit in SQL Server 2012

By default, everything will run in 64 bit on the servers. To change this behaviour, you need to indicate that the 32bit version of dtexec should be used. For the 2012 SSISDB, we have two easy ways of invoking our packages: SQL Agent and the catalog.start_execution method. catalog.start_execution For single serving package runs, you can … Read more

Export Varbinary(max) column with ssis

Whilst awaiting clarification on how you intend to use it, I’d suggest looking at the Export Column Transformation. Similar need on this question Using SSIS to extract a XML representation of table data to a file I banged out a quick example that illustrates how to do export varbinary data. The following query concatenates some … Read more