How do I manage the error “OpenSSL v1.1.1 ssl_choose_client_version unsupported protocol”? [closed]

You don’t have to downgrade OpenSSL. With the introduction of openssl version 1.1.1 in Debian the defaults are set to more secure values by default. This is done in the /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf config file. At the end of the file there is: [system_default_sect] MinProtocol = TLSv1.2 CipherString = [email protected]=2 Debian now require as minimum the TLS … Read more

Multiple OpenSSL RSA signing methods produce different results

Dupe: Difference between openSSL rsautl and dgst Closely related: Why are the RSA-SHA256 signatures I generate with OpenSSL and Java different? Different signatures when using C routines and openssl dgst, rsautl commands Signing 20-byte message with 256-bit RSA key working with openssl.exe but not in code Crossdupe: TLDR: dgst -sign for RSA does the … Read more