Extjs 4 combobox default value

I had the same problem, afaik has to do with selectlist rendering before the items are added to the store. I tried the callback method mentioned above without any luck (guess it would have to be a callback on the selectlist rather than the store). I added this line after adding items to the store … Read more

ExtJs – Filter a grid with a search field in the column header

After quite much research through the sparse documentation, and thanks to great questions and answers in SO, I came up with a simple class, that adds this functionality and and allows for configurations. It looks like this: You add this field in your grid like this: Ext.define(‘Sandbox.view.OwnersGrid’, { extend: ‘Ext.grid.Panel’, requires: [‘Sandbox.view.SearchTrigger’], alias: ‘widget.ownersGrid’, store: … Read more

to initComponent() or not to initComponent()

If you do not have a deep understanding of how ExtJS class system work, you may want to follow this: Declare all non-primitive types in initComponent(). Terminology Primitive types – strings, booleans, integers, etc. Non-Primitives – arrays & objects. Explanation If the component you extend is to be created more than once, any non-primitive configs … Read more