How do I define a compile-time *only* classpath in Gradle?

There has been a lot of discussion regarding this topic, mainly here, but not clear conclusion. You are on the right track: currently the best solution is to declare your own provided configuration, that will included compile-only dependencies and add to to your compile classpath: configurations{ provided } dependencies{ //Add libraries like lombok, findbugs etc … Read more

What are the advantages of just-in-time compilation versus ahead-of-time compilation?

Greater portability: The deliverable (byte-code) stays portable At the same time, more platform-specific: Because the JIT-compilation takes place on the same system that the code runs, it can be very, very fine-tuned for that particular system. If you do ahead-of-time compilation (and still want to ship the same package to everyone), you have to compromise. … Read more

Ironpython 2.6 .py -> .exe [closed]

You can use, the Python Command-Line Compiler, which is included in IronPython since version 2.6 to compile a Python script to an executable. You find it at %IRONPYTONINSTALLDIR%\Tools\Scripts\ on your hard disk. Example Let’s assume you have a simple script that just prints out something to console. You can turn this into an … Read more

Using Clang to compile for RISC-V

Foreknowledge: I had same delusion about this: “If llvm is targeting for all backends including riscv, we should be able to compile our codes just giving a clang flag like –target=riscv32, -target riscv64 etc. without doing extra operation” and I had similar question, but it is not like that. Although LLVM supports riscv target, you … Read more