Debugging TypeScript code with Visual Studio

Current Answer for VS2017 and later Debugging Typescript directly in Visual Studio has been possible since VS2017. From the documentation: You can debug JavaScript and TypeScript code using Visual Studio. You can set and hit breakpoints, attach the debugger, inspect variables, view the call stack, and use other debugging features. There are also additional resources … Read more

Disable Browser Link – which toolbar This should explain how to turn off browser link. You could do it via web.config: <appSettings> <add key=”vs:EnableBrowserLink” value=”false”></add> </appSettings> or do it from the toolbar: If that button isn’t available, go to VIEW > Toolbars > Standard and make sure it’s checked. Keep in mind it’s only available in VS2013 and later.

Why does intellisense and code suggestion stop working when Visual Studio is open?

I should note that I haven’t had the issue since upgrading my RAM. I can’t confirm if it’s related but the problem was prevalent when I had 2-4GB RAM. No problems since going to 8 and 16GB. If only one file/window appears to be affected, close and reopen that file. If that doesn’t work, try … Read more

Error Installing Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Update 1 with Team Explorer

Well I ended up opening a technical support case with microsoft to resolve my issue. They found the issue below in my log files: The actual problem During the VS 2015 install, there are couple of VSIX packages installed via custom action. For example: TeamExplorer.vsix is executed via custom action and TeamExplorer.vsix package installs the … Read more

Xamarin – How to update Mono.Android version to resolve dependencies?

tried changing my target android version to 8.1 You need to change the Target Framework that is used to compile your android application, not the Target Android version (but assumably you would set these two to the same, read the Understanding Android API Levels link below. Visual Studio for Windows: Visual Studio for Mac: Target … Read more