Polygon area calculation using Latitude and Longitude generated from Cartesian space and a world file

I checked on internet for various polygon area formulas(or code) but did not find any one good or easy to implement. Now I have written the code snippet to calculate area of a polygon drawn on earth surface. The polygon can have n vertices with each vertex has having its own latitude longitude. Few Important … Read more

Convert map[interface {}]interface {} to map[string]string

A secure way to process unknown interfaces, just use fmt.Sprintf() https://play.golang.org/p/gOiyD4KpQGz package main import ( “fmt” ) func main() { mapInterface := make(map[interface{}]interface{}) mapString := make(map[string]string) mapInterface[“k1”] = 1 mapInterface[3] = “hello” mapInterface[“world”] = 1.05 for key, value := range mapInterface { strKey := fmt.Sprintf(“%v”, key) strValue := fmt.Sprintf(“%v”, value) mapString[strKey] = strValue } fmt.Printf(“%#v”, … Read more