Adding resource files to xcode

It might be that the file you added was not added to the project build. Click your project > App target > Build Phases And check that the file exists in Compile sources (if it needs to be compiled), otherwise check Copy bundle resources. If the file does not exist there, drag it there and … Read more

Xcode 7 Library search path warning

This is how I fixed this problem Further to a migration of my Xcode project, from Xcode 6.4 to Xcode 7, I get the warning message below (after compilation) for the Test target : directory not found for option ‘-F/Applications/’ Actually I found something when comparing a new project vs an older one… In the … Read more

Print unicode character from variable (swift)

One possible solution (explanations “inline”): let charAsString = “1f44d” // Convert hex string to numeric value first: var charCode : UInt32 = 0 let scanner = NSScanner(string: charAsString) if scanner.scanHexInt(&charCode) { // Create string from Unicode code point: let str = String(UnicodeScalar(charCode)) println(str) // 👍 } else { println(“invalid input”) } Slightly simpler with Swift … Read more

What is a target dependency?

A dependency is another target that must be built before the current target can be. For example, if you have an app target and a framework target, the app target can have the framework target as a dependency, to ensure that the framework is built first. That is, the app target “depends” on the framework.