FOSUserBundle : Redirect the user after register with EventListener

To accomplish what you want, you should use FOSUserEvents::REGISTRATION_CONFIRM instead of FOSUserEvents::REGISTRATION_CONFIRMED. You then have to rewrite rewrite your class RegistrationConfirmedListener like: class RegistrationConfirmListener implements EventSubscriberInterface { private $router; public function __construct(UrlGeneratorInterface $router) { $this->router = $router; } /** * {@inheritDoc} */ public static function getSubscribedEvents() { return array( FOSUserEvents::REGISTRATION_CONFIRM => ‘onRegistrationConfirm’ ); } public … Read more

Intercepting backend 301/302 redirects (proxy_pass) and rewriting to another location block possible?

You could use proxy_redirect directive: Nginx will still return 301/302 to the client but proxy_redirect will modify Location header and the client should make a new request to the URL given in the Location header. Something like this should make the subsequent request back to nginx: proxy_redirect http://upstream:port/ http://$http_host/;

SSL Certificates and Redirection

Both, because the redirection is an HTTP-level thing which happens inside the SSL envelope. The client needs to establish an SSL connection to the original host name before it sees the redirect, then after following the redirect it must establish another SSL connection to the target host name. If you’re redirecting between the www and … Read more

Heroku/GoDaddy: send naked domain to www [closed]

On GoDaddy, use the “Forwarding” feature to setup a forward from yourdomain.example to www.yourdomain.example. The forwarding feature can be accessed in the Domain Manager at the bottom of the “Domain Information” section: If you do this then all traffic to yourdomain.example will be routed to the Heroku app CNAME (which is the better approach). One … Read more