redirect after a fetch post call

Request.redirect could be “follow”, “error” or “manual”. If it is “follow”, fetch() API follows the redirect response (HTTP status code = 301,302,303,307,308). If it is “error”, fetch() API treats the redirect response as an error. If it is “manual”, fetch() API doesn’t follow the redirect and returns an opaque-redirect filtered response which wraps the redirect … Read more

Nginx Redirect HTTP to HTTPS and non-www to ww

The SSL redirect won’t work if your SSL certificate doesn’t support the non-www domain. The config is correct but can be reduced to just 1 redirect server Also don’t forget to reload Nginx sudo service nginx reload server { listen 80; listen 443 ssl; server_name; # add ssl settings return 301$request_uri; }

Cloudfront redirect www to naked domain with ssl [closed]

To host website on AWS so that:, and all redirect to you need to: Create two S3 buckets named: and Turn on the Static Website Hosting on these two buckets. Configure redirect in bucket to: In the bucket properties choose Static Website Hosting => Redirect all requests … Read more

How to pass model attributes from one Spring MVC controller to another controller?

I use spring 3.2.3 and here is how I solved similar problem. 1) Added RedirectAttributes redirectAttributes to the method parameter list in controller 1. public String controlMapping1( @ModelAttribute(“mapping1Form”) final Object mapping1FormObject, final BindingResult mapping1BindingResult, final Model model, final RedirectAttributes redirectAttributes) 2) Inside the method added code to add flash attribute to redirectAttributes redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute(“mapping1Form”, mapping1FormObject); 3) … Read more

How to redirect a URL in Nginx

Best way to do what you want is to add another server block: server { #implemented by default, change if you need different ip or port #listen *:80 | *:8000; server_name; return 301 $scheme://$request_uri; } And edit your main server block server_name variable as following: server_name; Important: New server block is the right … Read more