How to unpack and pack pkg file?

Packages are just .xar archives with a different extension and a specified file hierarchy. Unfortunately, part of that file hierarchy is a cpio.gz archive of the actual installables, and usually that’s what you want to edit. And there’s also a Bom file that includes information on the files inside that cpio archive, and a PackageInfo … Read more

PDFtk Server on OS X 10.11

Thank you for your patience. I have successfully tested this pdftk installer and binary on OS X 10.11, El Capitan: I will update our PDF Labs site soon to reflect this update. If you already have pdftk installed from the old installer, this should install right on top of it without a problem — … Read more

Mac SQLite editor [closed]

Base is younger than your question, and definitely feels like a 1.0, but the user experience is miles better than the experience of using any of the “cross-platform” apps on a Mac. I recommend you buy a license before the developer realizes he is charging too little for it. UPDATE: Since December 2008, Base … Read more