Cleaning up and Backup / Migrating existing Unity project into new one or another PC

Before starting always make Backups – you never know! Cleaning Up / Migrating as a project folder In general you will always need the folders Assets: Contains all the assets like your scripts, scenes, prefabs, 3D models, textures, sounds, materials, etc ProjectSettings: Contains project settings like e.g. physics, lighting,etc Packages: Contains a manifest.json describing which … Read more

How to write a web-based music visualizer?

Making something audio reactive is pretty simple. Here’s an open source site with lots audio reactive examples. As for how to do it you basically use the Web Audio API to stream the music and use its AnalyserNode to get audio data out. “use strict”; const ctx = document.querySelector(“canvas”).getContext(“2d”); ctx.fillText(“click to start”, 100, 75); ctx.canvas.addEventListener(‘click’, … Read more

Syntax error in one of two almost-identical batch scripts: “)” cannot be processed syntactically here

There are multiple small issues with the code which I explain one after the other below my suggestion for the batch file. The task to get the UNITY_FOLDER according to UNITY_VERSION as defined in file ProjectVersion.txt can be done more efficient by using the following code: @echo off setlocal EnableExtensions DisableDelayedExpansion if not defined WORKSPACE … Read more