Looking for a Ninject scope that behaves like InRequestScope

UPDATE: This approach works against NuGet current, but relies in an anomaly in the InCallscope implementation which has been fixed in the current Unstable NuGet packages. I’ll be tweaking this answer in a few days to reflect the best approach after some mulling over. NB the high level way of structuring stuff will stay pretty … Read more

Does Ninject support Func (auto generated factory)?

NB Ninject 3.0 and later has this fully supported using the Ninject.Extensions.Factory package, see the wiki:- https://github.com/ninject/ninject.extensions.factory/wiki EDIT: NB there is a Bind<T>().ToFactory() implementation in Ninject 2.3 (which is not a fully tests supported release but is available from the CodeBetter server) Ninject does not support this natively at the moment. We planned to add … Read more