How to bring back “Browser mode” in IE11?

[UPDATE] The original question, and the answer below applied specifically to the IE11 preview releases. The final release version of IE11 does in fact provide the ability to switch browser modes from the Emulation tab in the dev tools: Having said that, the advice I’ve given here (and elsewhere) to avoid using compatibility modes for … Read more

Effective maximum mailto: body lengths

The standard doesn’t define a maximum length, leaving implementation up to browsers and mail clients (See IETF RFC 2368). Microsoft products do have set limits: IE GET limit is 2,083 Outlook express: 456 characters Other browsers are likely to work up to lengths beyond that of a reasonable email body. The iPhone doesn’t … Read more

Architectures to access Smart Card from a generic browser? Or: How to bridge the gap from browser to PC/SC stack?

The fact is that browsers can’t talk to (cryptographic) smart cards for other purposes than establishing SSL. You shall need additional code, executed by the browser, to access smart cards. There are tens of custom and proprietary plugins (using all three options you mentioned) for various purposes (signing being the most popular, I guess) built … Read more