How to generate keystore and truststore

I followed This link. 1.Generate keystore(At server): keytool -genkey -alias bmc -keyalg RSA -keystore KeyStore.jks -keysize 2048 2.Generate new ca-cert and ca-key: openssl req -new -x509 -keyout ca-key -out ca-cert 3.Extracting cert/creating cert sign req(csr): keytool -keystore KeyStore.jks -alias bmc -certreq -file cert-file 4.Sign the “cert-file” and cert-signed wil be the new cert: openssl x509 … Read more

Difference between .keystore file and .jks file

Ultimately, .keystore and .jks are just file extensions: it’s up to you to name your files sensibly. Some application use a keystore file stored in $HOME/.keystore: it’s usually implied that it’s a JKS file, since JKS is the default keystore type in the Sun/Oracle Java security provider. Not everyone uses the .jks extension for JKS … Read more