So what IS the right direction of the path’s slash (/ or \) under Windows?

Windows is the bastard child of operating systems in this regard, but a lot of APIs will accept forward slashes as well. On Windows, a file path looks like this: C:\Users\jsmith\Documents\file.txt On a Unix-like system (including Mac OS X and Linux), the same path would look like this: /home/jsmith/Documents/file.txt A URL, standardized in RFC 1738, … Read more

How to add a set path only for that batch file executing?

Just like any other environment variable, with SET: SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\whatever\else If you want to have a little safety check built in first, check to see if the new path exists first: IF EXIST c:\whatever\else SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\whatever\else If you want that to be local to that batch file, use setlocal: setlocal set PATH=… set OTHERTHING=… @REM … Read more

How to create multiple output paths in Webpack config

Webpack does support multiple output paths. Set the output paths as the entry key. And use the name as output template. webpack config: entry: { ‘module/a/index’: ‘module/a/index.js’, ‘module/b/index’: ‘module/b/index.js’, }, output: { path: path.resolve(__dirname, ‘dist’), filename: ‘[name].js’ } generated: └── module ├── a │   └── index.js └── b └── index.js

Windows 7 – Add Path

I think you are editing something in the windows registry but that has no effect on the path. Try this: How to Add, Remove or Edit Environment variables in Windows 7 the variable of interest is the PATH also you can type on the command line: Set PATH=%PATH%;(your new path);

How to add include path in Qt Creator?

If you are using qmake, the standard Qt build system, just add a line to the .pro file as documented in the qmake Variable Reference: INCLUDEPATH += <your path> If you are using your own build system, you create a project by selecting “Import of Makefile-based project”. This will create some files in your project … Read more