Remove composer

During the installation you got a message Composer successfully installed to: … this indicates where Composer was installed. But you might also search for the file composer.phar on your system. Then simply: Delete the file composer.phar. Delete the Cache Folder: Linux: /home/<user>/.composer Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Composer That’s it.

Composer [UnexpectedValueException] error will trying to use composer to install a github project

I started getting a similar error and the reason was that Github recently changed the format of their auth tokens: To resolve the error: Find the composer/auth.json file (if you’re running the project in a container, you’ll have to bash into it and find the file in there) Remove its entry. Your file … Read more

What is the difference between require and require-dev sections in composer.json?

Different Environments Typically, software will run in different environments: development testing staging production Different Dependencies in Different Environments The dependencies which are declared in the require section of composer.json are typically dependencies which are required for running an application or a package in staging production environments, whereas the dependencies declared in the require-dev section are … Read more

Composer Content-Length Mismatch

First, run: composer config –list –global //this will get the composer home path. [home] /root/.composer //it’s my composer home path. And then, edit the config.json, make it like this: { “config”: { “github-protocols”: [ “https” ] }, “repositories”: { “”: { “type”: “composer”, “url”: “” } } } It will make the packagist connection force … Read more