Youtube api v3 Get list of user’s videos

The channels#list method will return a JSON with some information about the channel, including the playlist ID for the “uploads” playlist:{YOUR_API_KEY} With the playlist ID you can get the videos with the playlistItems#list method:{YOUR_API_KEY} You can test those at the end of the documentation pages.

How to play YouTube content on tvOS

UIWebView and MPMoviePlayerController are not available for tvOS. Our next option is to use AVPlayer to play YouTube videos. AVPlayer cannot play a YouTube video from a standard YouTube URL, ie. It needs a direct URL to the video file. Using HCYoutubeParser we can accomplish exactly that. Once we have the URL we need, … Read more

YouTube embed gives “restricted from playback on certain sites” error despite API metadata indicating otherwise

Certain videos have a domain-level whitelist or blacklist applied to them. This is done at the discretion of the content owner. If there is a whitelist or a blacklist, and the domain of the embedding site can’t be determined (perhaps because of there not being a real referring domain in the case of your native … Read more

How to check if YouTube channel is streaming live

You can do this by using search.list and specifying the channel ID, setting the type to video, and setting eventType to live. For example, when I searched for:[API_KEY] I got the following: { “kind”: “youtube#searchListResponse”, “etag”: “\”sGDdEsjSJ_SnACpEvVQ6MtTzkrI/gE5P_aKHWIIc6YSpRcOE57lf9oE\””, “pageInfo”: { “totalResults”: 1, “resultsPerPage”: 5 }, “items”: [ { “kind”: “youtube#searchResult”, “etag”: “\”sGDdEsjSJ_SnACpEvVQ6MtTzkrI/H-6Tm7-JewZC0-CW4ALwOiq9wjs\””, “id”: { “kind”: … Read more

YouTube API to fetch all videos on a channel

You need to look at the YouTube Data API. You will find there documentation about how the API can be accessed. You can also find client libraries. You could also make the requests yourself. Here is an example URL that retrieves the latest videos from a channel:{your_key_here}&channelId={channel_id_here}&part=snippet,id&order=date&maxResults=20 After that you will receive a JSON … Read more