How to Prevent SPAM without CAPTCHAs or a Centrally managed system (e.g. akismet)

I basically use one trick on my site to prevent Spam and it works great (at least until spambot programmers will read this post 😉 ). Code is like this: In the script that builds the site which contains the form, I implemented: $_SESSION[‘lastSiteId’] = ‘something Unique’; $_SESSION[‘lastSiteRequest’] = time(); The script that contains the … Read more

How does Google reCAPTCHA v2 work behind the scenes?

This is speculation, but based on Google’s reference to the “risk analysis engine” they use ( I would assume it looks at how you behaved prior to clicking, how your cursor moved on its way to the check (organic path/acceleration), which part of the checkbox was clicked (random places, or dead on center every time), … Read more