How to create range in Swift?

Updated for Swift 4 Swift ranges are more complex than NSRange, and they didn’t get any easier in Swift 3. If you want to try to understand the reasoning behind some of this complexity, read this and this. I’ll just show you how to create them and when you might use them. Closed Ranges: a…b … Read more

Why do I need underscores in swift?

There are a few nuances to different use cases, but generally an underscore means “ignore this”. When declaring a new function, an underscore tells Swift that the parameter should have no label when called — that’s the case you’re seeing. A fuller function declaration looks like this: func myFunc(label name: Int) // call it like … Read more

How do i return coordinates after forward geocoding?

You are correct about the asynchronous issue. Basically, you cannot do anything after this code: // [A1] self.geocoder.geocodeAddressString(combinedAddress, completionHandler: { (placemarks, error) -> Void in // [B] … put everything _here_ }) // [A2] … nothing _here_ The reason is that the stuff inside the curly braces (B) happens later than the stuff outside it … Read more

First item in a List is always selected

In this scenario we can pass clicked item like baton from ForEach to Alert to FullScreen to Details. And, of course, we should move corresponding modifiers out of cycle, they don’t need to be applied to each row. Here is a modified code. Tested with Xcode 12.1 / iOS 14.1. struct ContentView: View { var … Read more

How flatMap API contract transforms Optional input to Non Optional result?

As you’re using the identity transform { $0 }, the compiler will infer that ElementOfResult? (the result of the transform) is equivalent to Element (the argument of the transform). In this case, Element is String?, therefore ElementOfResult? == String?. There’s no need for optional promotion here, so ElementOfResult can be inferred to be String. Therefore … Read more

Swift: Converting a string into a variable name

Short Answer: There is no way to do this for good reason. Use arrays instead. Long Answer: Essentially you are looking for a way to define an unknown number of variables that are all linked together by their common format. You are looking to define an ordered set of elements of variable length. Why not … Read more