Passing a parameter via URL to SQL Server Reporting Services

First, be sure to replace Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath= with ReportServer?. In other words, instead of this: http://server/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=/ReportFolder/ReportSubfolder/ReportName Use this syntax: http://server/ReportServer?/ReportFolder/ReportSubfolder/ReportName Parameters can be referenced or displayed in a report using @ParameterName, whether they’re set in the report or in the URL. You can attach parameters to the URL with &ParameterName=Value. To hide the toolbar where parameters … Read more

What is %2C in a URL?

Check out Look at the Hx, (Hex) column; 2C maps to , Any unusual encoding can be checked this way +—-+—–+—-+—–+—-+—–+—-+—–+ | Hx | Chr | Hx | Chr | Hx | Chr | Hx | Chr | +—-+—–+—-+—–+—-+—–+—-+—–+ | 00 | NUL | 20 | SPC | 40 | @ | 60 | … Read more

A url resource that is a dot (%2E)

It’s actually not really clearly stated in the standard (RFC 3986) whether a percent-encoded version of . or .. is supposed to have the same this-folder/up-a-folder meaning as the unescaped version. Section 3.3 only talks about “The path segments . and ..”, without clarifying whether they match . and .. before or after pct-encoding. Personally … Read more

Encode / decode URLs

You can do all the URL encoding you want with the net/url module. It doesn’t break out the individual encoding functions for the parts of the URL, you have to let it construct the whole URL. Having had a squint at the source code I think it does a very good and standards compliant job. … Read more