jQuery Mobile Page refresh mechanism

function refreshPage() { jQuery.mobile.changePage(window.location.href, { allowSamePageTransition: true, transition: ‘none’, reloadPage: true }); } Taken from here http://scottwb.com/blog/2012/06/29/reload-the-same-page-without-blinking-on-jquery-mobile/ also tested on jQuery Mobile 1.2.0

How to get query params for internal page link in JQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile ignores (removes) querystring parameters in URL and shows URL with hash only. However, you can retrieve querystring only on pagecontainerbeforechange and when data.toPage is a string not an object. At this stage, full URL is stored in data.absUrl. You may use $.mobile.path.parseUrl().search method to retrieve querystring, or you can use .split(“?”), both should … Read more