How to use images in Android SQLite that are larger than the limitations of a CursorWindow?

Note This is not recommended as it would still likely be quite inefficient in comparison to storing the path to an image file. The obvious answer is to split the image up into manageable parts (chunks) (say 256k chunks (14 such chunks would hold approx 3.5Mb)) allowing the individual chunks to be assembled when required. … Read more

Are there any methods that assist with resolving common SQLite issues?

The following are some common utilities that the novice might find helpful, they are designed to be non-specific and work on any database/table. Currently there are the following potentially useful methods:- getAllRowsFromTable to retreive a Cursor with all rows. logCursorColumns to write the Columns in a Cursor to the log. logCursorData to write the Cursor … Read more