How to check the “Allow Full Access” is enabled in iOS 8?

UPDATE 08/23/2017 for iOS 10 compatibility: func isOpenAccessGranted() -> Bool{ UIPasteboard.general.string = “CHECK” return UIPasteboard.general.hasStrings } iOS 8: -(BOOL)isOpenAccessGranted{ return [UIPasteboard generalPasteboard]; } Please note that the simulator will always tell you that you have Full Access so for this to work properly you need to run it from a device.

iOS 8 Custom Keyboard: Changing the Height

This is my code on Xcode 6.0 GM. Both orientations are supported. Update: Thanks to @SoftDesigner, we can eliminate the constraint conflict warning now. Warning: XIB and storyboard are not tested. It’s been reported by some folks that this does NOT work with XIB. KeyboardViewController.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface KeyboardViewController : UIInputViewController @property (nonatomic) CGFloat portraitHeight; … Read more