ResolvePackageNotFound: Create env using conda and yml file on MacOS

I had same problem and found your question googling for it. ResolvePackageNotFound error describes all packages not installed yet, but required. To solve the problem, move them under pip section: name: ex3 channels: – menpo – defaults dependencies: – cairo=1.14.8=0 – *** – another dependencies, except not found ones – pip: – gst-plugins-base==1.8.0 – bleach==1.5.0 … Read more

How to use the conda MatchSpec?

There is some (possibly outdated) documentation in the conda-build docs. However, I still regard the documentation in their code as clearer. It can be read from an activated base env using python -c “from conda.models.match_spec import MatchSpec; help(MatchSpec)” or on the GitHub repo. Technically, the code documentation is more about serializing the MatchSpec object to … Read more

Conda update fails with SSL error CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED

Conda needs to know where to find you SSL certificate store. conda config –set ssl_verify <pathToYourFile>.crt No need to disable SSL verification. This command add a line to your $HOME/.condarc file or %USERPROFILE%\.condarc file on Windows that looks like: ssl_verify: <pathToYourFile>.crt If you leave your organization’s network, you can just comment out that line in … Read more