Same date in different time zone

Here’s how you could do what you are asking: // get a moment representing the current time var now = moment(); // create a new moment based on the original one var another = now.clone(); // change the offset of the new moment – passing true to keep the local time another.utcOffset(‘+05:30’, true); // log … Read more

How do I align date and values to gridlines in Google Chart?

Changing the date format (mm/dd/yyyy vs. yyyy-mm-dd) seems to get it to align… google.load(‘visualization’, ‘1’, { packages: [‘corechart’] }); google.setOnLoadCallback(drawChart); function drawChart() { var data = new google.visualization.DataTable(); data.addColumn(‘date’, ‘date’); data.addColumn(‘number’, ‘view’); data.addRows([ [new Date(’08/01/2015′), 5], [new Date(’08/02/2015′), 7], [new Date(’08/03/2015′), 2], [new Date(’08/04/2015′), 16], [new Date(’08/05/2015′), 3], [new Date(’08/06/2015′), 6], [new Date(’08/07/2015′), 1] ]); … Read more

breezejs: date is not set to the right time

Breeze does not manipulate the datetimes going to and from the server in any way EXCEPT to add a UTZ timezone specifier to any dates returned from the server that do not already have one. This is only done because different browsers interpret dates without a timezone specifier differently and we want consistency between browsers. … Read more

How to compare dates or date against today with query on google sheets?

There’s no today() in Query. Use now() instead: =query(sheet1!A3:N, ” select I,M where I = ‘Singapore’ AND M > now() “,0) Or if you want now() without time(equivalent to TODAY()), use: todate(now()) For this to work, provided you have all the correct dates in M in any format, which Google sheets recognises (i.e., the formula … Read more

Difference between two dates expressed as years, months, days (in one column)

=IF(DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”)>365, QUOTIENT(DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”), 365)&” year(s) “& QUOTIENT(MOD(DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”), 365), 30)&” month(s) “& MOD(QUOTIENT(MOD(DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”), 365), 30), 30)&” day(s)”, IF(DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”)>30, QUOTIENT(DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”), 30)&” month(s) “& MOD(DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”), 30)&” day(s)”, DATEDIF(A1, B1, “D”)&” day(s)”))