Remove ios, windows8, and wp8 from Xamarin Forms PCL – nuget 3.0 opt-into error?

The solution that worked for me: Uninstall Xamarin.Forms: Right Click Solution -> Manage NuGet Packages -> Uninstall Xamarin.Forms -> Restart VS Then remove build platforms: Right Click Solution -> Properties -> Build -> under Targeting select Change -> Remove platform(s) -> Restart VS Reinstall Xamarin.Forms: Manage NuGet packages -> Search for Xamarin.Forms -> Install -> … Read more

How to install Visual Studio 2015 on a different drive

Run the installer from command line with argument /CustomInstallPath InstallationDirectory See more command-line parameters and other installation information. Note: this won’t change location of all files, but only of those which can be (by design) installed onto different location. Be warned that there is many shared components which will be installed into shared repositories on … Read more

Microsoft.DotNet.Props was not found

Although this question has already been answered. I recently came across the same issue. The more specific answer is that you need to install the Visual Studio 2015 Tools (Preview 2): Direct Download: Because this wasn’t straight forward and I was working on a 1.1 dotnet core project, I accidentally skipped this step … Read more

How can XUnit be configured to show just the method name in the Visual Studio 2015 Test Explorer?

You can also add it with json. In the root directory of your test project add a file called “xunit.runner.json”. Right-click the file, properties. Select “Copy if newer” for copy to Output directory. Then in the file enter this json: { “methodDisplay”: “method” } Note that you may1 require to restart the IDE in order … Read more

Force uninstall of Visual Studio

I was running in to the same issue, but have just managed a full uninstall by means of trusty old CMD: D:\vs_ultimate.exe /uninstall /force Where D: is the location of your installation media (mounted iso, etc). You could also pass /passive (no user input required – just progress displayed) or /quiet to the above command … Read more