JVM choices on Windows Mobile

JVM Choices for Windows CE in general (including Pocket PC and Windows Mobile): CrE-ME Mysaifu Skelmir CEEJ If you’re looking to have a common code base between WinMo and Symbina, you might also look at Red Five Labs. They have a Symbian runtime that allows you to run COmpact Framework apps, so you could have … Read more

how to put checkboxes in datagrid in windows mobile 6 using c#?

Here’s some code from and old blog by Eric Hartwell (pulled into SO using the wayback machine): private void SetupTableStyles() { Color alternatingColor = SystemColors.ControlDark; DataTable vehicle = dataSource.Tables[1]; // ID Column DataGridCustomTextBoxColumn dataGridCustomColumn0 = new DataGridCustomTextBoxColumn(); dataGridCustomColumn0.Owner = this.dataGrid1; dataGridCustomColumn0.Format = “0##”; dataGridCustomColumn0.FormatInfo = null; dataGridCustomColumn0.HeaderText = vehicle.Columns[0].ColumnName; dataGridCustomColumn0.MappingName = vehicle.Columns[0].ColumnName; dataGridCustomColumn0.Width = dataGrid1.Width … Read more