download and install visual studio 2008 [closed]

Visual Studio 2008: (3,30 GB) MSDN Library 2008: (2,15 GB) To upgrade from trial version to Pro version, check:

log4net – Appenders not working in IIS7.5

You can enable log4net internal debugging by adding the key log4net.Internal.Debug to your application configuration file. <appSettings> <add key=”log4net.Internal.Debug” value=”true”/> </appSettings> This will write debug messages to the console and the System.Diagnostics.Trace system. You can then log these messages to a text file by adding a trace listener to you configuration file. Make sure the … Read more

Find in Files: Search all code in Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server 2015 (on-premises) and Visual Studio Team Services (cloud version) include built-in support for searching across all your code and work items. You can do simple string searches like foo, boolean operations like foo OR bar or more complex language-specific things like class:WebRequest You can read more about it here:

VS2008 Setup Project: Shared (By All Users) Application Data Files?

I have learned the answer to my question through other sources, yes, yes! Sadly, it didn’t fix my problem! What’s that make me — a fixer-upper? Yes, yes! To put stuff in a sub-directory of the Common Application Data folder from a VS2008 Setup project, here’s what you do: Right-click your setup project in the … Read more

Changes to parameter not showing on Report Server after deployment

This is “by design”: When you first deploy reports, parameters are uploaded with all their settings. Administrators of those reports are then allowed to tweak the way report parameters function in the report web manager: change whether they accept null values, defaults, etc. If you redeploy reports later, nothing is changed to existing parameters (the … Read more