How to call a method in another class in Java?

You should capitalize names of your classes. After doing that do this in your school class, Classroom cls = new Classroom(); cls.setTeacherName(newTeacherName); Also I’d recommend you use some kind of IDE such as eclipse, which can help you with your code for instance generate getters and setters for you. Ex: right click Source -> Generate … Read more

Remove XML Node using java parser

Alternative DOM Approach Alternatively, instead of doing a brute force traversal of the XML document you could use the XPath capabilities in the JDK to find the “B” element with value “13” and then remove it from its parent: import; import javax.xml.parsers.*; import javax.xml.transform.*; import javax.xml.transform.dom.DOMSource; import; import javax.xml.xpath.*; import org.w3c.dom.*; public class … Read more

Getting Hibernate and SQL Server to play nice with VARCHAR and NVARCHAR

public class SQLServerUnicodeDialect extends org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect { public SQLServerUnicodeDialect() { super(); registerColumnType(Types.CHAR, “nchar(1)”); registerColumnType(Types.LONGVARCHAR, “nvarchar(max)” ); registerColumnType(Types.VARCHAR, 4000, “nvarchar($l)”); registerColumnType(Types.VARCHAR, “nvarchar(max)”); registerColumnType(Types.CLOB, “nvarchar(max)” ); registerColumnType(Types.NCHAR, “nchar(1)”); registerColumnType(Types.LONGNVARCHAR, “nvarchar(max)”); registerColumnType(Types.NVARCHAR, 4000, “nvarchar($l)”); registerColumnType(Types.NVARCHAR, “nvarchar(max)”); registerColumnType(Types.NCLOB, “nvarchar(max)”); registerHibernateType(Types.NCHAR, StandardBasicTypes.CHARACTER.getName()); registerHibernateType(Types.LONGNVARCHAR, StandardBasicTypes.TEXT.getName()); registerHibernateType(Types.NVARCHAR, StandardBasicTypes.STRING.getName()); registerHibernateType(Types.NCLOB, StandardBasicTypes.CLOB.getName() ); } }

What is the {L} Unicode category?

Taken from this link: Check the Unicode Character Properties section. \p{L} matches a single code point in the category “letter”. If your input string is à encoded as U+0061 U+0300, it matches a without the accent. If the input is à encoded as U+00E0, it matches à with the accent. The reason is that … Read more

Log4j Warning while initializing? [duplicate]

You’re missing the or log4j.xml in your classpath. You can bypass this by using BasicConfigurator.configure(); But beware this will ONLY log to System.out and is not recommended. You should really use one of the files above and write to a log file. A very simple example of would be #Log to Console as … Read more

Parallel flatMap always sequential

There are two different aspects. First, there is only a single pipeline which is either sequential or parallel. The choice of sequential or parallel at the inner stream is irrelevant. Note that the downstream consumer you see in the cited code snippet represents the entire subsequent stream pipeline, so in your code, ending with .collect(Collectors.toSet());, … Read more

how to disable dtd at runtime in java’s xpath?

You should be able to specify your own EntityResolver, or use specific features of your parser? See here for some approaches. A more complete example: <?xml version=”1.0″?> <!DOCTYPE foo PUBLIC “//FOO//” “foo.dtd”> <foo> <bar>Value</bar> </foo> And xpath usage: import; import; import; import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder; import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory; import javax.xml.xpath.XPath; import javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory; import org.w3c.dom.Document; import … Read more

Modifying existing excel using jxl

jxl is designed for increased read efficiency (since this is the primary use of the API). In order to improve performance, data which relates to output information (eg. all the formatting information such as fonts) is not interpreted when the spreadsheet is read, since this is superfluous when interrogating the raw data values. However, if … Read more