How to require jquery via AMD in TypeScript

FOR TYPESCRIPT 1.7+ It looks like standard is changing again, where the below 0.9+ method still works, but with ES6 coming the following module loading could be used. (reference: import * as $ from “jquery”; and even partial ones import {extend} from “jquery”; (this still require the jquery.d.ts, if tsd is installed – tsd … Read more

RequireJS – is jQuery case sensitive?

Yes, jQuery defines itself as ‘jquery’, all lowercase. That’s normal. If you open the source to jQuery you’ll find: // Register as a named AMD module, since jQuery can be concatenated with other // files that may use define, but not via a proper concatenation script that // understands anonymous AMD modules. A named AMD … Read more

Excluding files/directories from Gulp task

Quick answer On src, you can always specify files to ignore using “!”. Example (you want to exclude all *.min.js files on your js folder and subfolder: gulp.src([‘js/**/*.js’, ‘!js/**/*.min.js’]) You can do it as well for individual files. Expanded answer: Extracted from gulp documentation: gulp.src(globs[, options]) Emits files matching provided glob or an array of … Read more