Using GLEW to use OpenGL extensions under Windows

Yes, the OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW) is a painless way to use OpenGL extensions on Windows. Here’s how to get started on it: Identify the OpenGL extension and the extension APIs you wish to use. OpenGL extensions are listed in the OpenGL Extension Registry. Check if your graphic card supports the extensions you wish … Read more

OpenGL VAO best practices

VAOs act similarly to VBOs and textures with regard to how they are bound. Having a single VAO bound for the entire length of your program will yield no performance benefits because you might as well just be rendering without VAOs at all. In fact it may be slower depending on how the implementation intercepts … Read more

How to debug a GLSL shader?

You can’t easily communicate back to the CPU from within GLSL. Using glslDevil or other tools is your best bet. A printf would require trying to get back to the CPU from the GPU running the GLSL code. Instead, you can try pushing ahead to the display. Instead of trying to output text, output something … Read more

What is state-of-the-art for text rendering in OpenGL as of version 4.1? [closed]

Rendering outlines, unless you render only a dozen characters total, remains a “no go” due to the number of vertices needed per character to approximate curvature. Though there have been approaches to evaluate bezier curves in the pixel shader instead, these suffer from not being easily antialiased, which is trivial using a distance-map-textured quad, and … Read more