Printing Unicode characters to the PowerShell prompt

This is not a PowerShell deficiency. It is a deficiency with the Windows console subsystem which PowerShell.exe uses. The console subsystem does not support Unicode but code pages instead which dates back to the DOS days. The PowerShell V2 fix is provided via the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment or PowerShell_ISE.exe. This is a graphical app … Read more

List of all unicode’s open/close brackets?

There is a plain-text database of information about every Unicode character available from the Unicode Consortium; the format is described in Unicode Annex #44. The primary information is contained in UnicodeData.txt. Open and close punctuation characters are denoted with Ps (punctuation start) and Pe (punctuation end) in the General_Category field (the third field, delimited by … Read more

Can UTF-8 contain zero byte?

Yes, the zero byte in UTF8 is code point 0, NUL. There is no other Unicode code point that will be encoded in UTF8 with a zero byte anywhere within it. The possible code points and their UTF8 encoding are: Range Encoding Binary value —————– ——– ————————– U+000000-U+00007f 0xxxxxxx 0xxxxxxx U+000080-U+0007ff 110yyyxx 00000yyy xxxxxxxx 10xxxxxx … Read more