What kind of Garbage Collection does Go use?

Plans for Go 1.4+ garbage collector: hybrid stop-the-world/concurrent collector stop-the-world part limited by a 10ms deadline CPU cores dedicated to running the concurrent collector tri-color mark-and-sweep algorithm non-generational non-compacting fully precise incurs a small cost if the program is moving pointers around lower latency, but most likely also lower throughput, than Go 1.3 GC Go … Read more

PyQt: RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object has been deleted

This answer to this question is as found here: Python PySide (Internal c++ Object Already Deleted) Apparently, assigning one widget to QMainWindow using setCentralWidget and then assigning another widget with setCentralWidget will cause the underlying c++ QWidget to be deleted, even though I have an object that maintains reference to it. Note: QMainWindow takes ownership … Read more