NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription in Xcode8

Localizing of info.plist file may be very unuseful, especially if you use many languages in your apps. The simplest way for localizing NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription, NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescriptionor NSCameraUsageDescription keys is to describe it in InfoPlist.strings file. Create new *.strings file with name InfoPlist; Press Localize… button in file inspector and choose the default language; Add new records in … Read more

iTunes connect will not let me add myself as a user

@sarnold Turning your comment into an answer because it worked for me. Two Separate Websites Apparently for historical and organizational reasons, Apple operates their developer and app store business in a bifurcated manner. developer.apple.com The web site for all the technical resources, including documentation, WWDC videos and such. itunesconnect.apple.com This completely separate web site handles … Read more