Significant new inventions in computing since 1980

The Internet itself pre-dates 1980, but the World Wide Web (“distributed hypertext via simple mechanisms”) as proposed and implemented by Tim Berners-Lee started in 1989/90. While the idea of hypertext had existed before (Nelson’s Xanadu had tried to implement a distributed scheme), the WWW was a new approach for implementing a distributed hypertext system. Berners-Lee … Read more

What does the quote “An extra level of indirection solves every problem” mean? [closed]

Generally it means that by increasing the level of abstraction one can make the problem easier to understand/resolve. Be careful with your abstractions though, the full quote at least as I heard it is, “You can solve every problem with another level of indirection, except for the problem of too many levels of indirection”.

What are the differences between NP, NP-Complete and NP-Hard?

I assume that you are looking for intuitive definitions, since the technical definitions require quite some time to understand. First of all, let’s remember a preliminary needed concept to understand those definitions. Decision problem: A problem with a yes or no answer. Now, let us define those complexity classes. P P is a complexity class … Read more