Can we add text field dynamically

The easiest way to do this is with Action.ShowCard: { “type”: “AdaptiveCard”, “body”: [ { “type”: “Input.Text”, “placeholder”: “Placeholder 1”, “id”: “text1” } ], “actions”: [ { “type”: “Action.ShowCard”, “title”: “Add field”, “card”: { “type”: “AdaptiveCard”, “body”: [ { “type”: “Input.Text”, “placeholder”: “Placeholder 2”, “id”: “text2” } ], “actions”: [ { “type”: “Action.ShowCard”, “title”: “Add … Read more

How do I pause an Azure App Service Plan?

If you put your hosting plan onto the free tier, you will stop being charged for it. However if you have things like deployment slots and certificates these will be deleted. The ability to turn services on and off, is more to do with being able to scale services, so if you need 50 servers … Read more

How to create a kubectl config file for serviceaccount

# your server name goes here server=https://localhost:8443 # the name of the secret containing the service account token goes here name=default-token-sg96k ca=$(kubectl get secret/$name -o jsonpath=”{\.crt}”) token=$(kubectl get secret/$name -o jsonpath=”{.data.token}” | base64 –decode) namespace=$(kubectl get secret/$name -o jsonpath=”{.data.namespace}” | base64 –decode) echo ” apiVersion: v1 kind: Config clusters: – name: default-cluster cluster: certificate-authority-data: ${ca} … Read more

Rewriting a URL in an Azure web app

You need to create a web.config file in your wwwroot folder and put the relevant config entries there. Here’s an example of an web.config rule, to give you an idea of what it should look like. The below example redirect the default * domain to a custom domain (via <configuration> <system.webServer> <rewrite> <rules> <rule … Read more

Is there a way to persist chat history in MS Bot Framework Web Chat after a page reload/navigation to another page?

If you are looking to do any sort of web chat customization, then I would highly recommend you steer away from using the Web Chat channel <iframe> option. It is useful if you need a simple plugin component, but it doesn’t offer anywhere near the number of customization options that BotFramework-WebChat offers. If you will … Read more