YouTube APIs – Access mutiple youtube channels (Brand Accounts) using Google Admin account

I fought with this just two days ago. Turns out it IS possible, it’s just undocumented and works a bit differently than you’d expect: Once I create the credentials in developers console, they will be associated to the Google Account and not to the Brand Accounts. I had the same exact misconception when I first … Read more

Obtaining a channel id from a link?

According to the official support staff, a given channel may have associated an URL of form: In such a case, the respective channel’s customUrl property is CUSTOM_NAME. Now, your problem may be reformulated as follows: Given a CUSTOM_NAME for which the URL above points to an existing channel, is there a procedure that is … Read more

YouTube API v3 – List uploaded videos

If you are using the client then Greg’s answer is correct. To do the same thing with basic requests you make the following 2 requests: GET with parameters: part=contentDetails mine=true key={YOUR_API_KEY} and header: Authorization: Bearer {Your access token} From this you will get a JSON response like so: { “kind”: “youtube#channelListResponse”, “etag”: “\”some-string\””, “pageInfo”: … Read more

YouTube Data API: The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your quota, INSUFFICIENT_TOKENS

Taking into account the DTOS docs, it’s very likely that you exceeded 90 days of inactivity w.r.t. your API credentials: Inactivity YouTube reserves the right to disable or curtail your access to, or use of, specific YouTube API Services if your API Project has been inactive for 90 consecutive days. For example, YouTube could revoke … Read more