What is a “feature flag”?

A ‘feature flag’ (or Feature Toggle) is the ability to turn features (sub-sections) of your application on/off at easily: perhaps via a re-deploy, or some internal page where pages/features can be toggled live. I guess the example there was that it’s handy to have the control to reduce the feature-set somewhat if you need to, … Read more

Difference between a “coroutine” and a “thread”?

First read: Concurrency vs Parallelism – What is the difference? Concurrency is the separation of tasks to provide interleaved execution. Parallelism is the simultaneous execution of multiple pieces of work in order to increase speed. —https://github.com/servo/servo/wiki/Design Short answer: With threads, the operating system switches running threads preemptively according to its scheduler, which is an algorithm … Read more