Unicode characters on ZPL printer

I just discovered that you need to escape characters above ASCII by first putting ^FH before any ^FD fields that could contain a utf character and you need to prefix the utf-8 hex code with an underscore _D0_94 will print as Д. My final ZPL code is as follows: ^XA ^LH100,150 ^CWT,E:TT0003M_.FNT ^CFT,30,30 ^CI28 ^FT0,0^FH^FDTesting … Read more

How to create a printable Twitter-Bootstrap page

Bootstrap 3.2 update: (current release) Current stable Bootstrap version is 3.2.0. With version 3.2 visible-print deprecated, so you should use like this: Class Browser Print ————————————————- .visible-print-block Hidden Visible (as block) .visible-print-inline Hidden Visible (as inline) .visible-print-inline-block Hidden Visible (as inline-block) .hidden-print Visible Hidden Bootstrap 3 update: Print classes are now in documents: http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities-print Similar … Read more

Print without space in python 3

You can use the sep parameter to get rid of the spaces: >>> print(“a”,”b”,”c”) a b c >>> print(“a”,”b”,”c”,sep=””) abc I don’t know what you mean by “Java style”; in Python you can’t add strings to (say) integers that way, although if a and b are strings it’ll work. You have several other options, of … Read more