NoSQL Use Case Scenarios or WHEN to use NoSQL [closed]

It really is an “it depends” kinda question. Some general points: NoSQL is typically good for unstructured/”schemaless” data – usually, you don’t need to explicitly define your schema up front and can just include new fields without any ceremony NoSQL typically favours a denormalised schema due to no support for JOINs per the RDBMS world. … Read more

Cassandra port usage – how are the ports used?

@Schildmeijer is largely right, however port 7001 is still used when using TLS Encrypted Internode communication So my complete list would be for current versions of Cassandra: 7199 – JMX (was 8080 pre Cassandra 0.8.xx) 7000 – Internode communication (not used if TLS enabled) 7001 – TLS Internode communication (used if TLS enabled) 9160 – … Read more

What does Redis do when it runs out of memory?

If you have virtual memory functionality turned on (EDIT: now deprecated), then Redis starts to store the “not-so-frequently-used” data to disk when memory runs out. If virtual memory in Redis is disabled (the default) and the maxmemory parameter is set (the default), Redis will not use any more memory than maxmemory allows. If you turn … Read more