Wix custom uninstallation action – how to run before msi removing files

The problem is that my custom uninstallation action runs after the removal of standard install files That’s because you have scheduled it before InstallFiles, which comes after RemoveFiles in a standard InstallExecuteSequence. You can also open your MSI file in an editor like Orca or InstEd and have a look at the InstallExecuteSequence table. Sort … Read more

How to install VS2015 Community Edition offline

edit: Starting from visual studio 2017 Microsoft is no longer offering .ISO images. For the new visual studio 2017 you have to download vs_community.exe from here and create an offline instalation folder: vs_community.exe –layout c:\vs2017offline Then, in order to install from that folder you have to first install certificates from \certificates in the download folder … Read more

TreeTagger installation successful but cannot open .par file

I think there are two problems: first, the scripts should have “-utf8” in their name, e.g. cmd/tagger-chunker-german-utf8, because you downloaded the UTF-8 data. Second, tagging and chunking requires a data file each. See the homepage which has a section “Parameter files for PC” and “Chunker parameter files for PC” – download the files from both … Read more