How to register file types/extensions with a WiX installer?

Unfortunately there’s no way to do a “safe” association with Windows Installer. We just write everything out to the registry and then have a separate component that takes over the system-wide default and is only installed if no other application has already registered itself as the default. With Vista there’s the new “default programs” interface, … Read more

How to associate application with existing file types using WiX installer?

Here’s a full, complete example with a bit more detail and cleaner code than in the linked question and should provide a better answer. Quite timely as I’ve recently finished porting the code posted previously, to use proper ProgId elements so this is fresh in my mind 😉 In regards to the ‘what here’, you … Read more

How to execute custom action only in install (not uninstall)

Add a condition on the action so it’s only triggered during installation, not uninstallation. Action run only during Install NOT Installed AND NOT PATCH Action runs during Install and repair NOT REMOVE Run on initial installation only: NOT Installed Run on initial install or when repair is selected. NOT Installed OR MaintenanceMode=”Modify” To only run … Read more