How to get IE9 standards support for dialogs opened by HTA?

A quick Google of the keywords in this question gave me this page on Microsoft MSDN site: The answer to your question is on tha page. The answer is to add an x-ua-compatible meta tag to your HTML’s <head> section. To quote: By default, HTAs display webpages in Compatibility View, which displays standards-mode content … Read more

How to set IE11 Document mode to edge as default?

The rendering mode in Internet Explorer 11 can appear stuck if the site is added to your local Compatibility View list. When this happens, the rendering mode inside the developer tools and out will default to the specified compatibility settings. While this may not be the only way a site can get on this list, … Read more

Make IE cache the resources but always revalidate

I’ve eventually figured it out. Here is an explanation and a tested solution. The following site confirms my observation: It says that IE does not locally store pages with the ‘no-cache’ directive and hence always sends an unconditional request. There’s also a MS support article – – which confirms this: “Internet Explorer supports … Read more

Failproof Wait for IE to load

Try this one, it helped me to solve similar problem with IE once: Set oIE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.application”) oIE.Visible = True oIE.navigate (“”) Do While oIE.ReadyState = 4: WScript.Sleep 100: Loop Do While oIE.ReadyState <> 4: WScript.Sleep 100: Loop ‘ example ref to DOM MsgBox oIE.Document.GetElementsByTagName(“div”).Length UPD: Drilling down IE events I found that IE_DocumentComplete is … Read more