NetBeans – where to find the IDE log?

The logfile is stored in the “User Directory”. The location of the user directory is shown under “Help -> About”. Inside that directory the logfile itself can be found in the sub-directory var\log and is named messages.log You can display the log file directly inside the IDE using “View -> IDE Log”. The first view … Read more

Why can’t I find Java desktop application in Netbeans 7.1

Look here: Support for [B]SAF (JSR 296, basically the framework that was behind your “Java Desktop Application” project template) has been abruptly dropped (for no valid reason, let me add). However, as Bill says in his answer, it is not necessary to use the SAF in order to visually design a form. NetBeans swing-designer … Read more

How to set a java compiler in Netbeans

Right click on your project –> Project Properties Then in Sources set Source/Binary Format to JDK 7. EDIT 1 : There is a NetBeans issue: Works fine in J2SE project, Web project specific problem. The problem is that fork=”false” the JDK 7.0 params are passed to JDK 6.0 compiler. The executable requires fork=”true”. On the … Read more

How to use SASS with Netbeans 8.0.1

Installing SASS on Windows10, Ruby2.2.3, Netbeans8 Download SASS for Windows – Install Ruby like: Search windows for CMD (Command Prompt) and start it. Access Ruby’s bin folder using cd \Ruby\bin (Hit Enter) Install sass using the command gem install sass (Hit Enter to install) Wait for the installation to finish In Netbeans open Options … Read more

Create autoincrement key in Java DB using NetBeans IDE

This may help you: CREATE TABLE “custinf” ( “CUST_ID” INT not null primary key GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY (START WITH 1, INCREMENT BY 1), “FNAME” VARCHAR(50), “LNAME” VARCHAR(50), “ADDR” VARCHAR(100), “SUBURB” VARCHAR(20), “PCODE” INTEGER, “PHONE” INTEGER, “MOB” INTEGER, “EMAIL” VARCHAR(100), “COMM” VARCHAR(450) ); That’s how i got mine to work… to ages to get the … Read more