Is there a way to modify fetched results with a predicate after they are initialized?

Is there a way to modify fetched results with a predicate after they are initialized? Well… no, not in the way you try to do this, and even if you’d try to create it with NSFetchRequest instance, which is reference, and allows to change predicate later, that wouldn’t work, because SwiftUI’s FetchRequest stores copy of … Read more

Solr exact word search

I presume your field is a TextField, by default solr does a fuzzy search on this field. What you want is to set up your field as a string field and add no tokenizer then you’ll get an exact match. You can even combine the exact search with a fuzzy search and use DisMax to … Read more

How to create a simple google maps address search with autocomplete in flutter and get latitude and longitude?

You can use flutter_google_places plugin which shows the places in the autocomplete list as you type it and also returns lat and long of the place/address selected. ===== Working code ======= Add flutter_google_places plugin and import it in your dart file. Add geo_coder plugin and import it in same dart file. (Required to access geocoding … Read more

How do I implement Search Functionality in a website? [closed]

Use lucene, Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform. It is available in java and .net. It is also in available in php in the form of a zend framework module. Lucene … Read more

jqGrid Filtering Records

To filter local grid you should only fill filters property of the postData parameter of jqGrid and set additionally search:true. To save selection of the grid you can use reloadGrid with additional parameter [{page:1,current:true}] (see here). The corresponding code can be the following $(“#search”).click(function() { var searchFiler = $(“#filter”).val(), grid = $(“#list”), f; if (searchFiler.length … Read more

using OR and NOT in solr query

I don’t know why that doesn’t work, but this one is logically equivalent and it does work: -(myField:superneat AND -myOtherField:somethingElse) Maybe it has something to do with defining the same field twice in the query… Try asking in the solr-user group, then post back here the final answer!