Accessing C# Anonymous Type Objects

As the other answers have stated, you really shouldn’t do this. But, if you insist, then there’s a nasty hack known as “cast by example” which will allow you to do it. The technique is mentioned in a couple of articles, here and here.

public void FuncB()
    var example = new { Id = 0, Name = string.Empty };

    var obj = CastByExample(FuncA(), example);

private object FuncA()
    var a = from e in DB.Entities
            where e.Id == 1
            select new { Id = e.Id, Name = e.Name };

    return a.FirstOrDefault();

private T CastByExample<T>(object target, T example)
    return (T)target;

(I can’t take the credit for this hack, although the author of one of those articles says that he doesn’t want to be associated with it either. His name might be familiar.)

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