Angular 2 different components with same route

So i was finally able to do this.
The thing is Angular uses first match policy, so we need to match routes in a guard-type way, to be sure that right route with right module will be matched.

First thing we need to add custom matchers for our routes which will only match them on conditions that we want (user type for example).

 path: 'samePath',
 matcher: firstMatcher,
 loadChildren: '../first/first.module#FirstModule'
 path: 'samePath',
 matcher: secondMatcher,
 loadChildren: '../second/second.module#SecondModule'

And matchers code is something like this:
In here i injected AuthService service from AppModule, and checked users type with it. So routes can be matched according to users type.

import { applicationInjector } from '../../main';

export function firstMatcher (url: UrlSegment[]) {
  const auth =  applicationInjector.get(AuthService);
  return auth.isUserType('admin') ? ({consumed: [url[0]]}) : null;

And now only thing we need is to create applicationInjector in our main module, so we could inject service in our matcher-function;

export let applicationInjector: Injector;

platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppModule).then((componentRef) => {
  applicationInjector = componentRef.injector;

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